Black Kill Death 12/26 @ midnight & 12/29 @ 1am

by djangri | Playlists

Repeat from last week

2011 celebration.

Wolves in the Throne Room Woodland Cathedral Celestial Lineage
Yob Adrift in the Ocean Atma
The Psychic Paramount DDB II
Alexander Tucker Pearl Relics Dorwytch
Earth Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1 Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1
White Hills Paradie H-P1
Fire! w/ Jim O’Rourke Please, I Am Released Unreleased?
Leyland Kirby My dream contained a Star Eager to Tear Apart The Stars
Mika Vainio Conquering the Solitude Life (…It Eats You Up)
Noveller Alone Star Glacial Glow
Prurient Palm Tree Corpse Bermuda Drain
Tim Hecker In the Fog III Ravedeath, 1972