fear me as a dictator 56

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the magnets-plunk boy plunk 7″ office para

parasite -dorjima sin 7″ tadpole records

deep throat-assignation s/t 7″  MCR

danse macabre-think about death  s/t 7″ wild west records

glass hits-artificial limbs  pioneers get the arrows lp self released

gang of four-nature’s not in it  entertainment lp geffen

orangized sports-downer  so proud of you lp  bulkhead

tenament-lost star love lust  blink wink lp cowabunga

no hope for the kids-rainy day   s/t lp  kick and punch

hard skin- we are the wankers  we’re the fucking george lp  jt classics

brainbombs-graveyard kitchen  genius and brutality lp skrammel

spectres-longinas  last days lp whisper in the darkness

rorschach-brain handle  split with neanderthal 7″ veriform

rorschach-hardware   “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

neanderthal-fighting music split with rorschach 7″ veriform

neanderthal-fluids  “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

firehose-chemical wire  ragin full on lp  sst

dackelbult-1000ohren  fluten un tauchen  schiffen

siouxsie and the banshees-nicotine  stain   the scream lp geffen

cavity-your funeral my time   somewhere between the train station.. lp rhetoric