Music Mosaic 141: Electronic

by ed | Playlists

Vox: Station ID / Intro
  1. Tioman by UKO from Uko
  2. Channeled by UKO from Uko
  3. Slate by Lux from Northern Lights
  4. Indica by Lux from Northern Lights
  5. Arpegee by Lazybatusu from Lazybatusu
  6. Un Omino by Lazybatusu from Otherview
Vox: pt. I playlist
  1. More Than Ever People (Cala Jondal remix) by Levitation from More Than Ever People (The Remixes)
  2. Out of Time (Dub Beat remix) by Levitation from Out of Time
  3. Dub in ya Mind (Beach Club mix) by Afterlife
  4. So Blue It’s Black (Peshay vs. Photek mix) by The Underwolves from Under Your Sky Remixes
Vox: pt. II playlist / Outro