Hear Her Radio 41

by jess | Playlists

Exorcism – Turboslut
Less Of Me – Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
Ain’t You – Kleenex
Free Money – Patti Smith
I Know – Fiona Apple
Laughing With A Mouth of Blood – St Vincent
Runs In The Family – Amanda Palmer
Doomsday Serenade – Jill Tracy
Peau de Chat – Wonduer Brass
Marienbad -Julia Holter
The Staircase (Mystery) – Siouxsie Sue and the Banshees
Jesus Had A P.A. – The Prats
Dumb Head – Ginny Arnell
Low Grades and High Fever – Lindy Lane
Mogadon Sunday – Out On Blue Six
Handsome Young Man – Your Funeral
Putin Has Pissed Himself – Pussy Riot