Replay Radio June 30, 2012

by dave | Playlists

Tons of Compilation LPs this week

Pony Stable – Hangover Song

Dolomites – One More Bottle To Drink

Lars Din Songriot – Floodplain Florida

Future Virgins – Painted And Brutalized

What If? – Eat It

True Stereo – Daddy

The Degenerics – In This Skin

Seasick – Ad Nauseam

Hot Snakes – US Mint

Rocket From The Crypt – California Lights

The Ergs – Blah, Blah, Blah, FU, BLah Blah, Blah

The Measure – Spanish

Japandroids – Younger Us / Adrenaline Nightshift

Hogman Maxey – Duckin’ And Dodgin’

John Henry Jackson – My Baby Got To Go

Otis Weber – Penitentiary Blues