Black Kill Death – week of 8/20

by djangri | Playlists

New show on the block:

  1. Generation by Liturgy from Aesthethica
  2. Goetia by Triptykon from Eparistera Daimones
  3. I Come In Peace by Buckethead from Giant Robot
  4. My Broken Heart Will Never Mend by Harvey Milk from Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men
  5. Farewell To The Flesh by Yakuza from Of Seismic Consequence
  6. Glass Earth by Liturgy from Aesthethica
  7. Harmonia by Liturgy from Aesthethica
  8. Folk Wisdom by Oneida from Rated O Disc 3
  9. Seadrum by Boredoms from Seadrum/House of Sun
  10. Studio Suicide by Tim Hecker from Ravedeath, 1972