fear me as a dictator 72

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the whip        sheep and goat judgement        s/t 7″  wantage
vivaldi concerto in g   old music       old people
Thin Lizzy      bad reputation  bad reputation  mercury
replacements    left of the dial        tim     Sire Records
rolling stones  gimme shelter   let it bleed    London
gauzeq  Japanese title  japanese album  xxx
verbal assault  running trial   gaint
monorchid       a is for anarchy        who let the fire out    touch and go
forward devils cradle   devils cradle   540
Hex Dispensers  my love is a bat        winchester mystery house        dmr
big eyes        back from the moon      back from the moon 7″   grave mistake
hot water music up to nothing   the fire 7″     hwm records
uranus  resolve s/t 7″  gasr
Dillinger Four  are you the motherfucker with the banana/thanks for
nothing split with pin head     Adeline records
pinhead gunpowder       at your funeral/porch/second street     split with
d4      Adeline records