Hear Her Radio 10/31/12

by jess | Playlists

I Drink – L7
Let Us Sit Quietly and Listen To Pop Punk – Ace Bushy Striptease
Family Care – Asbest
Armagh – Au Pairs
Mass: Emmanuel – Sister Irene O’Connor
Sing – Slowdive
Genesis – Grimes (feat. Doldrums)
Free Money – Patti Smith
That’s Your Way Out – Pandoras
Bachelor Girls – The Passions
Candy Girl – Trailer Trash Tracys
Poison Arrows Shot At Heroes – Slant 6
Honey Honey – Le Butcherettes
Billows – Little Teeth
Why Do You Hang Around Me – The Liverbirds
Fish & Chip Sweetheart – Matrimony
Paranoia – Moral Hex
Home School – Sad Scouts