Hear Her Radio 11/21/12

by jess | Playlists

Babydog- Raincoats
Dog Catcher – Curse
Mail Order – Coughs
Dead Eighteen – Bone Orchard
Underwater Data – Naked Spots Dance
Yes To The Neutron Bomb – The Moderates
Pedigree – Descartes A Kant
My City of Sydney – XL Capris
Hiroshima – Dirt
Incineration – Dog Faced Hermans
30 Years – Electric Deads
Madness – Kleenex
Human Nature Is Something Divorced, Human Nature Is A Mechanical Corpse – The Cranium
Clubnite – Teddy and the Frat Girls
Baby Doll – Teenage Jesus and The Jerks
Shadow Box – Velvet Monkeys
Steeple Walls – Voodoo Church
Trees and Flowers – Dum Dum Girls