Hear Her Radio 2/6/13

by jess | Playlists

Vomit Heart – Babes In Toyland
Die Liebe Ist Das Kind Der Freiheit – Die Salons
What Kind of Monster Are You?- Slant 6
Jap Monster Movie – Sis Q Lint
Chapel of Memories – Sis Q Lint
Pancake – Swirlies
The Bed – St Vincent
Treasure Island – Belle Du Soir
Hangnail – Lazy Mary
Brb (Forever) – Keel Her
Pussey – Keel Her
It’s Cold – Whorish Boorish
An Old Man’s Dream – The Red Crayola With Art & Language
Sitting In A Disco – Kirsty & The Husbands
For Giving – The Middle Ones
Wilderness – Sleater Kinney
Spend, Spend, Spend – The Slits
Fembot – Robyn
Baby’s On Fire – Die Antwoord