Hear Her Radio 2/20/2013

by jess | Playlists

Summer Time – JoAnna Travaglione & The Mustangs
Girl On The Run – Honey Bane
True West – Dog Eat Dog
Lonely Little Beach Girl – Carol Connors
Live With The Dead – Voodoo Church
I Am A Poseur – X Ray Spex
Aerosol Burns – Essential Logic
Drip-Dry – Potty Mouth
Sick Day – 3jane
The Root of Apathy – Rape Revenge
Not My Comrades – Shady Hawkins
Love Thing – Bratmobile
New You – My Bloody Valentine
If I Am – My Bloody Valentine
Larousse Baron Bic – Rosa Yemen
Str8 Girl – Skinned Teen
Starchitect – Coughs
Lovers With Iraqis – Foot Village
Grave Diggress – Cocorosie