The Big Island Mix Season 1 Episode 17

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


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  • Nuh Bwoy by Black Ryno on World Riddim
  • I’m So Fly by K-I on World Riddim
  • Slow Wine by Spugy b on World Riddim
  • Gal Ting by I-Octane on World Riddim
  • Red Light by Sizzla on World Riddim
  • Rebel Soldier by Sizzla on World Riddim
  • Save The World by Nik Nak on World Riddim
  • Only Jah by Collie Weed on World Riddim
  • Pickney Shirt Fit Him by Wayne Marshall on Top Notch Riddim
  • I Rule by Taru on Top Notch Riddim
  • Sexy Pass by Dazzla on Top Notch Riddim
  • She Drunk by Esco on Top Notch Riddim
  • Slow Motion by Serani ft Cecile on Slow Motion Riddim
  • Feeling High by Deepjahi on Slow Motion Riddim
  • Weh We Want (Dream) by Tiyarro on Slow Motion Riddim
  • Gone Too Son by Demarco on Evidence Riddim
  • Lighters Up by Navino on Evidence Riddim
  • No Stylings by D’Angel on Evidence Riddim
  • Clean & Ready by Star on Evidence Riddim
  • Temperature by Koolant Brown on Evidence Riddim
  • Hot Yea by Daneille (D.I.) on Evidence Riddim
  • Gyal You A Lead by new Kidzz on Evidence Riddim
  • Love You Girl by Redzz on Evidence Riddim
  • Love Triangle by Jah Vinci on Evidence Riddim
  • Don Talk by I-Octane on Evidence Riddim
  • Sink In Back by Shane-O on Evidence Riddim
  • Shaking My Hips by Jooelyn Quiroz on Evidence Riddim
  • Girls Galore by Dekka on Evidence Riddim
  • Gyalis From Birth by Jayds on Samba Riddim
  • Wine Likkle Miss by Laden on Samba Riddim
  • So Mean by Nicko Blast on Samba Riddim
  • Suh Mi Do Mi Ting by Deablo on Samba Riddim
  • Parasite by Shokryme on Samba Riddim
  • Coco Powda by Aidonia on Samba Riddim
  • Trust Them by Busy Signal on Selfie Riddim
  • No Romance by Tifa on Selfie Riddim
  • Pretty Gal Wine by Vybz Kartel on Selfie Riddim
  • Rambo Kanambo by Vybz Kartel on Selfie Riddim
  • It Hot by Vybz Kartel on Sex Meter Riddim
  • Build A Vibes by Tommy Lee Sparta on Sex Meter Riddim
  • Jah Jah by Gage on Sex Meter Riddim
  • Freaky Girls by DJ Sky on Sex Meter Riddim
  • Stamina by Frassman Brilliant on Sex Meter Riddim
  • Gal A Get More by Vybz Kartel on Heat Wave Riddim
  • Mi Waah Si Di Girls Dem by Kantana on Heat Wave Riddim
  • Ruff Up The World by Vershon on Heat Wave Riddim
  • Paper Trail by Kalado on Heat Wave Riddim
  • Its Going To Be Ok by Mr. G on Heat Wave Riddim
  • 2 Nite (Touching Loving) by Richie Loop, Trey Songz & Nicki Minaj

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