Last One In #4

by admin | Playlists

the crumbs – alien girl

wank for peace – what if that was political
neighborhood brats – total dementia
Armalite – double negativity
propagandhi – pigs will pay
Bayonettes – stuck in this rut
Citizen fish – deadline

the lawrence arms – the slowest drink
the pharmacy – two small armies
toys that kill – all i care about is me, my rum, and you (tiltwheel cover)
Descendents – clean sheet
The turkeltons – Common Ground
Lipstick homicide – not that easy

Operation IVy – sound system
The pist Slogans/ideas are bulletproff
the beltones – let the bombs fall
discount – me the spy
alkiline trio – pocket knife
Bangers- too many dark knights

The measure (sa) – we try harder
CBDS – straight as an arrow
Big eyes – I don’t care about friday night