Last One In #10

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Episode 10, Original Air Date 09/19/2015

The Beltones – Weak

Jason Guy Smiley – Run For Your Life
Bad Religion – Skyscraper (acoustic)
Tim Barry – Breathe slow, let ’em pass
Frankie Stubbs – Pale moonlight
Chuck Ragan – California Burritos
Erica Freas – Rain Spell

rumspringer – air raid curfew
slapstick – eighteen
anti-flag – 911 for peace
All – Until I say So
Pears – anhedonia
Lifetime – Anchor

Born against – murder the sons of bitches
tragedy – no cemeteries here
From Ashes Rise – Nightmare
His Hero Is Gone – Fool’s Gold
Look Back And Laugh The cost We Absorb
Born/Dead – A look At The World

Dead Kennedys – stealing people’s mail