Last One In #9

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The show about Minneapolis, kind of

Original Air Date 09/12/2015

Radon (from Gainesville) – Minneapolis

7 seconds – skins, brains, guts
adolescents – amoeba demo 1980
Descendents – hope
Black flag – my war
T.S.O.L. – abolish government/silent majority

Iron Reagan – life beater
Punch – wort more than your opinion
swallowing poop – overcome by…
severed head of state – cop fire
behind enemy lines – turning a blind eye/flooded

Banner pilot – overwinter
Off with their heads – die today
the slow death – phantom limbs
Soviettes – Angel A/tonight
Cleveland bound death sentence – hoxha/pcmz/not zelique glass/jailbird bars
replacements – bastards of young
the gateway district – little bird
Dillinger Four (from Minneapolis) – Gainesville
code 13 – give the kids