Departure 132

by markus | Playlists

All New Music!

  1. Year In Pictures by Dick Diver from Melbourne, Florida
  2. Too Much Is Never Enough by Bob Moses from Days Gone By
  3. Theme 1 Stage 3 by Lights That Change from Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival
  4. Dutch by Still Caves from Static Lips
  5. Creeper Weed by Potty Mouth from Potty Mouth
  6. Hidden Fees by Useless Eaters from Bleeding Moon
  7. Ghost Soul Traffic by The Jackals from People
  8. Umi by Pinkshinyultrablast from Everything Else Matters
  9. Double Negative by Love of Diagrams from Blast
  10. High School Troublemaker by The Madcaps from The Madcaps
  11. Happy Damage by Jacuzzi Boys from Happy Damage EP
  12. Acetate by METZ from II
  13. Blank Flag by LIDS from 7″