Departure 134

by markus | Playlists

  1. Holy Rollers by Shana Cleveland and The Sandcastles from Oh Man, Cover the Ground
  2. Ghosts by Ibeyi from Ibeyi
  3. Rock & Roll is Cold by Matthew E. White from Fresh Blood
  4. It Came From The Heart by Step Panther from Strange But Nice
  5. A Place We Can Go by Seapony from A Vision
  6. Disappointing by John Grant from Grey Tickles
  7. My Reward by Hamilton Leithauser & Paul Maroon from I Could Have Sworn EP
  8. Waiting On The Man With the Sun by The Jackals from People
  9. Just Call Me by Gospel Machine from Your Holy Ghost
  10. Happy Dancing Woman (Radio Edit) by Pure Phase Ensemble 4 from Live at SpaceFest!
  11. Blue Seas by MAFF from Maff
  12. Sunseekers by Coke Weed from Back to Soft
  13. Am I Dust by Cold Beat from Into The Air
  14. Little Light by The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers from Burn Brightly EP