WGOT suspends internet streaming

by markus | News

WGOT has been informed by SoundExchange, the major performance rights organization when it comes to streaming, that we are not in compliance with their terms. In order for us to continue streaming, they are demanding that we pay them a large amount of money. In addition to that, they require that we provide them with details about what we stream, e.g. playlists from every program, numbers of listeners per hour, etc. Moreover, they require that our stream also provide the name and artist for each song while it is being played, which is something we are not able do under our current structure.

SoundExchange tells us that they will not pursue any collection or legal action against the station if we cease streaming, so this is what we must do in order to get them off our backs. We are going to seek membership in an organization that has negotiated group rates with SoundExchange and then request that group rate. But it will take time for us to explore those options and submit applications and get approval. If we are successful in that endeavor, we will still need to comply with the reporting requirements.

WGOT is Gainesville’s station. Most of our listeners are tuning in, so to speak, via the internet stream, but now that won’t be an option for a while. We will still be on old-fashioned radio as we have always been.

We are grateful to all of our DJs who have provided great programming that really cannot be found anywhere else on the radio. Some have been with us for less than 90 days while some have been around as long as we have been on the air. We are also grateful for the support of our listeners, the many local musicians who’ve donated their time and talent to play benefit shows for us, the many venues in town who have hosted those shows, and a number of businesses who have supported us with financial contributions over the years.

If you would like to help your community radio station in any way, please get in touch with us here: info at wgot.org (Replace the ‘at’ with @)

Thank you for supporting WGOT!