Departure 137

by markus | Playlists

  1. Drugs by The Fresh And Onlys from Soothsayer
  2. Single Man by Ghost Animal from Summertime In Heaven
  3. East Van Girls by Shimmering Stars from Violent Hearts
  4. When I Was Dead feat. Fifi Rong by Ewian from Good Old Underground
  5. Only Lover by East of My Youth from Only Lover
  6. Obnoxiously Sexual by GusGus from Mexico
  7. Unreadable Communication by Curve from Cuckoo
  8. Rather by Procedure Club from Doomed Forever
  9. I’m Growing Fangs by Great White Buffalo from Fangs
  10. USA by Sonic Hearts Foundation from Into Forever
  11. Santaria by The Black Ryder from The Door Behind the Door
  12. Gathering Of Ancient Tribes by Goat from Commune