Last One In #14

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Episode 14; The Fest14 Episode

Original Air Date 10/24/2015

Post Teens – Mexican Painkillers/Friendly Start

Dikembe – I Watch A Lot of Jackie Chan Movies
The Careeners – Existential Dale
Coffee Project – You Always Wanted A Song Right?
Radon – Kibbles and Bits
Sunshine State – Lunchblood

The Beltones – Let the Bombs Fall
Dead Bars – Emergency
Basement Benders – train song
No Weather Talks – Picture Perfect Propaganda
Pup – Dark Days
Black Tower – The Dark Lord

Crusades – Accomplice
Menzingers – WHere your heartache exists
Toys That Kill – The Nervous Rocks
Night Birds – the other side of darkness
Rational anthem – NINailed It
The Raging Nathans – I’m On Drugs

Tim Barry – Exit Wounds
Tiltwheel – 2:07