Last One In #15

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Episode 15; The Rest In Power Dickie Hammond Episode

Original Air Date 11/07/2015

Radon – Headaches and Bullshit

Worthwhile Way – After the Rain Comes Sunshine
Awkward Age A little prayer
Boys – Sundae Skool
Worlds Scariest Police CHases – Adolf Hipster
Wet Nurse – Can’t Slow Down

Crimpshrine – Over The Years
Stay Clean Jolene – Red Salt/The Last Man On
Off With Their Heads – I Hate My Stupid Ass and I Hope I get In A Car Accident TOnight
The Dukes of Hillsborough – Cadillacs
Cone – Smile For Me

Dickie Hammond – Die in your sleep
Dickie Hammond – planes trains and goodbyes
Stokoe – Handstand
H.D.Q. – THose Remembered Times
Leatherface – Dead Industrial Atmosphere
Leatherface – Springtime

chuck ragan – the boat
tiltwheel – you are my sunshine