Last One In #20

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Episode 20

the some of my favorite songs from 2015 part one episode

Original air date 12/19/2015

Jason Guy SMiley – Who I Am

The Flatliners – fangs
Royal Headache – Wouldn’t You Know
Pears – Anhedonia
Against Me! – Walking Is Still Honest (Live)
Worriers – Glutton for Distance

Worriers – Yes All Cops
Worriers – Chasing
Iron Chic – Ys
Greg Graffin – Faith Alone (Bad Religion)
Tenement – Feral Cat Tribe

Closet Fiends – Ban Ambulances
NIght BIrds – Son Of Dad
Basement Benders – First Heat
Radioactivity – Way Out
Radioactivity – Silent Kill

Teenage Bottle Rocket – Cockroach strikes again
Screaming Females – Ripe