Departure 154

by markus | Playlists

  1. Atta Blues by Emily Wolfe from Atta Blues
  2. I’ll Give You More by John Mark Nelson from I’m Not Afraid
  3. Cutting My Fingers Off by Turnover from Peripheral Vision
  4. Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me by Mass Gothic from Mass Gothic
  5. Dead Eyes by Adia Victoria from Beyond The Bloodhounds
  6. Is It True by toyGuitar from In This Mess
  7. I Hate The Weekend by Tacocat from Lost Time
  8. I Can Swing A Hammer by The Wet Secrets from I Can Live Forever EP
  9. Oracle by HÆLOS from Full Circle
  10. Blue Uniforms by Yung from These Thoughts Are Like Mandatory Chores
  11. They / Them / Theirs by Worriers from Imaginary Life
  12. My Me by T. Hardy Morris from Hardy & The Hardknocks: Drownin’ On A Mountaintop
  13. Keep On Keepin’ On by Bleached from Keep On Keepin’ On
  14. Drinkee by Sofi Tukker