Last One In #29

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Episode 29

Original Air Date 03/26/2016

Grabass Charlestons – Human Resource Office

Sex Beat – Sex Beat
Christian Death – Spectre
Executive Slacks – THe Bus
New Skin – New Skin
The Skeletal Family – Far and Near

The Falcon – War Of Colossus
Sundials – Carver Blues
Armalite – Double Negativity-ing
Off With Their Heads – I Am You
Cro(w)s – Red On The Floor
Mind Spiders – Ulcer

The Soviettes – Don’t Say No
DFL – Knucklehead Nation
Landlord – SKate Jam
Whiskey & Co. – High Tonight=
Descendents – Nothing WIth You
Youth Of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes

Billy Reese Peters – November Spawned A Shithead