Last One In #31

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Episode 31

Original Air Date 04/16/2016

New Bruises – Stay Home Is The New House Show

X – Nausea
The Marked Men – Wait Here, Wait For You
Masked Intruder – Heart Shaped Guitar
No Use For A Name – International You Day
J Church – I reach For Her Hand
Jawbreaker – Do You Still Hate Me

Imelda May – Fallin’ In Love With You Again
Ana Tijoux – 1977
Zombie Ghost Train – RIP
Zombina and The Skeltones – Astroboy
Dead Kennedys – Have I The Right(The Honeycombs)

Dillinger Four – The Great American Going Out…
The Lillingtons – Black Hole In My Mind
Basement Benders – Owen Hart
Metallica – Blitzkrieg
Agnostic Front – I Live It

As Friends Rust – Operation
The Falcon – War of Colossus