Last One In #34

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Episode 34

Original Air Date 05/07/2016

Torche – Triumph Of Venus

Cock Sparrer – Because You’re Young
Black Flag – Revenge
Gunmoll – Less Than You Hoped For
Good Riddance – Mother Superior
Apocalypse Meow – The Haste and the Curious

The Misfits – Some Kind of Hate
Los Olvidados – Assassin of Youth
Jawbreaker – You Don’t Know
The Slow Death – Song One, Side A (demo)
Leatherface – The Scheme of Things (smokey Joe EP)
toyGuitar – Let’s Talk in the Shower
Bad Religion – Stranger than Fiction

Crusades – attic
Common Rider – True Rulers
Caves – 200 Miles
The Copyrights – Help Me Stay Awake
Cro-Mags – Hard Times
The Crumbs – Another Shot

Tragedy – Confessions of a Suicide Advocate/Products of a Cold War