Last One In #38

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Episode 38

Original Air Date 07/09/2016


Radon – Facial Disobedience

Post Teens – When I’m Wasted/Crust Lust
UV-TV – You’re High
Grabass Charlestons – Bossman
Army of Ponch – Those Old Hurts
True North – Wait Wait
Dikembe – I watch a Lot of Jackie Chan Movies

I hate Myself – Caught In A Flood…
Gunmoll – Free And Tied
Die Hoffnung – Love Monger
Burnman – Deception

Ship Thieves – No Anchor
The Draft – Lo Zee Rose
Rumbleseat – California Burritos
Chuck Ragan – Wish on The Moon
Hot Water Music – Trusty Chords/Free Radio Gainesville

Less Than Jake – Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts/Rock City