Departure 174

by markus | Playlists

  1. Cars (*Exclusive B-Side*) by A. Sinclair from Late Nights and Afternoons
  2. Too up Close by Panic Is Perfect from Cellspace
  3. Elliott by FKL from On The Water
  4. Won’t You Leave Me Alone by The Raveonettes
  5. Taser Revelations (Hold On Children) by Adam Stafford from Taser Revelations
  6. The Joke by Islands from Taste
  7. Surrender Under Protest by Drive-By Truckers from American Band
  8. Yeah, I Know by Otherkin from The New Vice EP
  9. Jupiter by Blaudzun from Jupiter
  10. Contact High by Sam Vicari from Blunt.
  11. Bad Blood by The Crispies
  12. Over The Wall by Bloodhounds On My Trail from Over The Wall
  13. Sprouts by Color Tongue from Sprouts
  14. Tinfoil Boy by Jamie T from Indie/Rock Playlist: July (2016)