Departure 176

by markus | Playlists

  1. Atomic by Indoor Voices from Auratic
  2. Out Of Control by Lush from Blind Spot EP
  3. Palm’s Backside by Toothless
  4. Here’s To A New Tomorrow by Everything Fades from Here’s To A New Tomorrow/Moving Mountains – Double EP
  5. Silhouette by Espectrostatic from Silhouette
  6. No Alternative by Kestrels from Kestrels
  7. Neuromancer by Husbands
  8. Whirlwind by A Shoreline Dream from Whirlwind
  9. R Train by The John Steel Singers from Midnight At The Plutonium
  10. Give Up by American Wrestlers from Goodbye Terrible Youth
  11. Santa Fe by Wintersleep from The Great Detachment
  12. I Crave by Xu Xu Fang from Daylong Secret
  13. Some Sunsick Day by Morgan Delt from Phase Zero