Departure 179

by markus | Playlists

  1. Estranged by Dyr Faser from Trio
  2. Get Out by Frightened Rabbit from Painting Of A Panic Attack (Deluxe)
  3. Paris Milkshake by Plastic Mermaids from Everything Is Yellow And Yellow Is My Least Favourite Colour
  4. Gone by Day Wave from Hard To Read
  5. Hunter Gather by Rococode
  6. Aglow by The Rare Occasions
  7. Hello Trust No One by The Julie Ruin from Hit Reset
  8. KoKoro by El Perro Del Mar from KoKoro
  9. Eyes All Over Town by Mrs. Magician from Bermuda
  10. VHS or Sharon Stone by Hobosexual from VHS or Sharon Stone
  11. Drug Deals by Lunatics On Pogosticks from Sniffing Lavender
  12. Something Warm by Boy On Guitar from Boy On Guitar / Chase Huglin Split 7″
  13. Get On Screen by De Staat from O
  14. Change For The World by Charles Bradley from Changes