Departure 181

by markus | Playlists

  1. Talking With Strangers by Miya Folick from Strange Darling EP
  2. Songbirds by Ghosts I’ve Met from Night Repairs
  3. River Song by Haux from The Bluest Sage
  4. Honey by Torres from Torres
  5. Shadows of the City by Marcus Foster from Nameless Path
  6. Soma Gone Slapstick by Kristin Hersh from Wyatt at the Coyote Palace
  7. Postdoc Blues by John K. Samson from Winter Wheat
  8. Walk Slow by Chris Isaak from Speak Of The Devil
  9. Everything Is Moving So Fast by Great Lake Swimmers from Lost Channels
  10. Wasn’t Born To Follow by The Sadies from Heading West
  11. Girl From Conejo Valley by M. Ward from More Rain
  12. 24 Hrs/24 Days by Northern Uproar from Hey Samurai!
  13. The Dream by Stage Republic from The Dream