Departure 217

by markus | Playlists

  1. Days Numbered by The History Of Colour TV from Something Like Eternity
  2. Rainbow City by Cloud Control
  3. Serpico by Fad Vandals
  4. Don’t Care Enough by Haus from SWYSEP
  5. Raindrop by Hot Flash Heat Wave from Soaked
  6. Avalanche Alley by The New Pornographers from Whiteout Conditions
  7. The Way You Used to Do by Queens of the Stone Age from Villains
  8. Sleep by Royal Blood from How Did We Get So Dark?
  9. Day In Day Out by The Drury Brothers
  10. Bad Citizen by Hey Geronimo
  11. Sic Boys by So Many Wizards from Heavy Vision
  12. That Easy by Yellow Days from Is Everything OK In Your World?
  13. Boy To Beastie by The Van Jets
  14. Buzz Killer Skinny Gene by Bad Mannequins from Deny Til U Die Part 1
  15. Hindsight by Terence Ryan from Don’t Panic