Departure 218

by markus | Playlists

  1. All That I’m Used To by Bliss Nova from Light & Shadow EP
  2. Fallen by Todavia from Shyness
  3. Meadowsweet by Chatham Rise from We Are The Sun
  4. Nerve by Gillbanks from Lend Me Your Skin
  5. Girl Portraits by Indigo Plateau from The Heights EP
  6. Bathrooms by Wy from Okay
  7. Dancin’ Round The Nails by The Jackals from People
  8. Black Cloud by The Wagner Logic from Heart is Dark
  9. A Little Closer by My Favourite Things from Fly I Will, Because I Can
  10. Wreck by The History Of Colour TV from Something Like Eternity
  11. Countryside by Shadowgraphs from Venomous Blossoms