Departure 221

by markus | Playlists

  1. Lumina by Close Encounter from First Light
  2. Rope’s Wing by Bucolic from Rope’s Wing
  3. The Weather by Pond from The Weather
  4. Silence by Foliage from Silence
  5. Dawn by Chatham Rise from We Are The Sun
  6. Event Horizon by CLUSTERSUN from Surfacing To Breathe
  7. Maya by Them Jones from Grow
  8. Pure Burst by The Cherry Wave from Shimaru
  9. Always There by Tombstones In Their Eyes from Fear EP
  10. She’s Gone by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Methadrone
  11. Aphrodia by Stella Diana from Nitocris
  12. The High Meadow by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians from Amerikana