Departure 224

by markus | Playlists

  1. Two Man Gang by Les Big Byrd
  2. Dog by Widowspeak from Expect The Best
  3. Little Things by Fake Laugh
  4. Bring Me Down by Baby Strange from Extended Play EP
  5. Adjust!! by Noah Karger from We Say Goodnight EP
  6. The Sound by Noah Gundersen from White Noise
  7. Steppenwolf Mausoleum by Guided By Voices from How Do You Spell Heaven
  8. Light Of Loving by Faith Healer from Try 😉
  9. Lotus Eater by Foster The People from Sacred Hearts Club
  10. Rat in My House by The By Gods from Move On
  11. Confidence by Dead Pretties
  12. Bulls and Roosters by Together Pangea from Bulls and Roosters
  13. Velvet Noose by Thunderpussy from Velvet Noose/No Heaven
  14. Stone Cold Kiss by 68creep from Goodnight, Sweet Betty