Departure 227

by markus | Playlists

  1. All Black Left by Delay Trees from Before I Go Go EP
  2. Punk Drunk And Trembling by Wild Beasts from Punk Drunk And Trembling EP
  3. Savour by Groves
  4. Seattle by Keep Shelly in Athens from Philokalia
  5. God(d) of Thunder vs. Sukia by Hologram Teen from Between The Funk and The Fear
  6. The Traveller (Original Mix) by Andrew Hung from Realisationship
  7. Sort It Out by Elovay
  8. Arbetshäst by Blod
  9. Shouting at the Dark by The Mynabirds from BE HERE NOW
  10. He Took a Bullet to Heaven by New Age Healers from Where The Tragic Happens
  11. Find Your Saint by Pinkshinyultrablast from Find Your Saint (single)
  12. Slide Away by The Verve from A Storm in Heaven