Departure 234

by markus | Playlists

  1. In the wake of the night by Blackpool Astronomy from Rock Back: Stronger than the storm
  2. Hollows by Chatham Rise
  3. Gold Lines by Panda Riot from Infinity Maps
  4. Removed From Fiction by Fragile Tom from The Particular Go
  5. Take Me Back by Seeing Hands
  6. Silver & Gold by Jo Marches from Silver & Gold EP
  7. Room by SHEER from Psychic Quarry EP
  8. Horizons by The Corrupting Sea from Rock Back: Stronger than the storm
  9. Glassrain by AEVE CVE from Alternative FÌ·acts: A Shoegaze Resistance Compilation
  10. This Is How It Ends by Stellarscope from Standing in the Shadow of Your Ghost
  11. The Whirling Dervish by CLUSTERSUN from Surfacing To Breathe