Departure 319

by markus | Playlists

  1. Assassins Of Youth by The Flaming Lips from American Head
  2. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Johnny Goth
  3. Dying Breed by The Killers from Imploding the Mirage
  4. Lemon Dove by Human Love from Black Void
  5. Wildebeest by The Roogs from The Roogs
  6. It’s All So Incredibly Loud by Glass Animals from Dreamland
  7. Sweet Surrender by Stellarscope from A Glimpse Of Light In The Darkness
  8. Seen by Landing from Landing / Headroom Split EP
  9. Round and Round by Lizard Brain from Round and Round (feat. Tony Jenkins)
  10. Don’t Worry About It by Umbrella Assassins from Humanity
  11. Ask Me Later by Public Body
  12. Daily Jobs by Bee Bee Sea from Day Ripper
  13. Revolution Worker by USA Nails from Character Stop
  14. You Better Believe!!! by Declan McKenna from Zeros