Departure 326: 2020 Favorites Part 3

by markus | Playlists

  1. We Can Dream by The Churchhill Garden from Songs from Quarantine: A Compilation
  2. There Will Always Be a Light by Catholic Action from Celebrated By Strangers
  3. The Ryder by HOLY from Ryder
  4. Restored Reflection by Aura Zorba from Sweets Of Mars
  5. Lighten Up by Aura Zorba from Sweets Of Mars
  6. afternoon by noah
  7. Breadwinner by Widowspeak from Plum
  8. Anyone Can Play Guitar by Midwife from Forever
  9. Losing My Touch by October Drift from Forever Whatever
  10. World Doesn’t Care by The Bullseyes from The Best of the Bullseyes
  11. Take Me Down by Darren Tuck from As Good As It Gets: 50 Reasons To Save Independent Music
  12. Mr. Prism by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  13. The Desert by Northeast Party House from Shelf Life
  14. Never Come Down (radio edit) by THE NEVERLY BOYS from Dark Side of Everything