Departure 369

by markus | Playlists

  1. Heaven by Billie Marten from Flora, Fauna
  2. All Too Soon by Trentemøller from Memoria
  3. Monsters by The Secret French Postcards from Out Of You
  4. I’ll Never Give Up by Pink Turns Blue from Tainted
  5. Soul Deranium by Lusitanian Ghosts from Exotic Quixotic
  6. Marching Orders by Museum Of Love from Life Of Mammals
  7. Crossed Lines by Stranded from Midnight Sun
  8. How Dare You Want More by Bleachers from Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night
  9. PTSD by Jenn Vix
  10. Prostitution by TRAITRS from Horses In The Abattoir
  11. Witch Slap (IOU) by WOOZE from Get Me To A Nunnery
  12. Sevier by The Joy Formidable from Into The Blue
  13. Šibensko Powerhouse by JOHN from Nocturnal Manoeuvres
  14. Reason by Michael James Pollard from Two One One