Feb 16 2015

Cramela Mix Show

Published by chris

Hosted by Chris Lake.

Cramela Mix Show brings you the latest in electronic music releases ranging from techno to downtempo in a weekly two hour mix show.

Airs: Thursday at 3pm, Friday at 10 pm and 11pm, Tuesday at 6pm.

Contact: cramela@wgot.org
Playlist: http://www.wgot.org/tag/cramela/

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2 Responses to “Cramela Mix Show”

  1. robbieon 16 Feb 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Loved the Deep House grooves you were spinning today!

  2. Willyon 04 Apr 2024 at 3:53 pm

    My gf knows I LOVE old school electronic. She came across this in the car, and demanded i put on 100.1 RIGHT NOW. I was doing my taxes, and stopped for a whole hour just to listen to the Thursday show. LOVE IT!!! Dunno if it’s all old, but a LOT of it sounded old. I’d love to know the method behind the madness. Live vinyl scratching? Live synths/DMs? or are we just queuing up .mp3s on something? Which is still fine, cuz this was honestly one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard.

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