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Schedule changes coming 1/31

by admin | News

We’re making changes to our schedule to welcome new programming and say goodbye to DJs that have moved on to other things.

Two local shows kicking off this weekend include The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum and Artists Related by Paige Rasmussen. On the syndicated side of things, the Pacifica lineup we are now airing Feminist Current by Meghan Murphy, which she produces in Vancouver, BC.

The schedule change will take place starting tomorrow, Friday, January 31st. We have other shows coming in the pipeline so further changes will happen soon.

We hope you enjoy these new programs. Thank you for supporting WGOT. Go low.


Broadcast services down

by admin | News

We have lost internet connectivity to our broadcast computer and were unable to schedule today’s programming. We have contacted our provider but might not be able to restore it until business hours on the 26th.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from WGOT.

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