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Hippie Sessions *Harmonica Playin’*

by stan | Playlists

Wet Willie – That’s All Right
John Mayall – He’s A Travelin’ Man
Paul Butterfield Blues Band – All These Blues
Fathers and Sons – All Aboard
Wet Willie – Walkin’ By Myself
Canned Heat – Goin’ Down Slow
Honey Island Swamp Band – Cast The First Stone
Paul Butterfield – Work Song
Little Walter – Fast Boogie
John Mayall – Nature’s Disappearing
Fathers and Sons – Baby Please Don’t Go
John Mayall – Play The Harp
Wet Willie – No Good Woman Blues

background music – Post Pluto

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Artists Related 029 (Replay ep. 2)

by paige | Playlists

  1. The Quest- Ballyhoo!
  2. Come Easily- Morning Fatty
  3. Yellow Ledbetter- Pearl Jam
  4. Monsters- The Hush
  5. Last Nite- The Strokes
  6. Constellations- The Hush
  7. Cali Girl- Ballyhoo!
  8. Street Pharmacist- Morning Fatty
  9. Crooked Smile- J. Cole Feat. TLC
  10. Sin- The Kreux
  11. Jolene- Ray LaMontagne
  12. Find My Name in the Sun- And the Giraffe
  13. Come Easily- Morning Fatty

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