Departure 361

by markus | Playlists

  1. Blue Heaven by Public Service Broadcasting from Bright Magic
  2. Chaise Longue by Wet Leg
  3. You Work All Day And Then You Die by The Parrots from Dos
  4. Room For One by Brian Chevette from I’m Losing All My Dreams: Independent Music Against Child Poverty
  5. Taking Me Nowhere by Darren Tuck from I’m Losing All My Dreams: Independent Music Against Child Poverty
  6. Coming Home by The Haunted Youth
  7. Ship Gone Down by Harry Stafford And Marco Butcher from Northeast
  8. Benzodiac by The C33s from Benzodiac EP
  9. King Of Something by Seeds Of 77 from Northeast
  10. Parisian Friends by Declan Welsh and The Decadent West from It’s Been A Year
  11. Yeah! by Oscar Lang from Chew The Scenery
  12. Tiger Duo by RedDelicious from Things Fall Apart
  13. In her Way by Kingdom of the Holy Sun from In the Shadows
  14. Half In, Half Out by The Kundalini Genie from Half In, Half Out
  15. Nuchal by Varlots from Hope: For the Trevor Project

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Departure 360

by markus | Playlists

  1. The Mistaken Man by Lonewolves in Paradise
  2. 18 Cigarettes by Ducks Ltd. from Modern Fiction
  3. Harmonizer by Ty Segall from Harmonizer
  4. Guided by Angels by Amyl and The Sniffers from Comfort To Me
  5. Interior People by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard from Butterfly 3000
  6. Grounded by The Churchhill Garden
  7. Apple TV Remote by Petey from Lean Into Life
  8. The Blame by Wavves from Hideaway
  9. It’s Good to be Alive by Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor from Good Goddamn
  10. Factice by New Candys from Vyvyd
  11. Starred by L.A. WITCH from Play With Fire
  12. Restore Us (Pyxis Remix) by Permafrost from Restore Us
  13. Fire Among Us (feat. Akua Naru) by MACK

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