Departure 199

by markus | Playlists

  1. Sunshine Crawlers by Haunted Mansions
  2. Oh the Saviour by Temples from Volcano
  3. Rebel Black by Angelic Milk from Teenage Movie Soundtrack EP
  4. Fake It by Mating Ritual from How You Gonna Stop It?, Vol. 1
  5. Choke on Love by The Raveonettes (the November release of the Rave Sound of the Month Project)
  6. Julie’s Place by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever from Julie’s Place
  7. Home Soon by Dope Lemon from Hounds Tooth
  8. Vampires by Le Trouble from Making Matters Worse
  9. Bad FanFiction by Persons From Porlock
  10. Berlin by All We Earthlings from III
  11. Teasin’ by Hiccup from Imaginary Enemies
  12. Need You More by Peter118
  13. Feel Love by Heymoonshaker from Noir
  14. London by Mega Bog from Happy Together
  15. Railway Trespassers by Adam Stafford from Taser Revelations

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Departure 198

by markus | Playlists

  1. Chimes Broken by Holy Fuck from Congrats
  2. Home by morgxn
  3. In the End by STRFKR from Being No One, Going Nowhere
  4. Nothing Feels Natural by Priests from Nothing Feels Natural
  5. Girl by Northeast Party House from Dare
  6. Attitude by Weirdo
  7. Pieces by Nocturnal Tapes
  8. Wide Open by The Chemical Brothers from Born In The Echoes (Deluxe Edition)
  9. Way It Goes by Hippo Campus from Landmark
  10. Flow by Crooked Colours
  11. Vanilla by The Modern Strangers
  12. Stick the Moon by Gold Member
  13. Poppies by Kngdavd
  14. Fire Might Be Helpful by How To Loot Brazil

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