Departure 304

by markus | Playlists

  1. Celebration by Kip Nelson
  2. All My Friends Got Time by DRENS from Pet Peeves
  3. Middle America by Pure X from Pure X
  4. I Can Hardly Speak by Bombay Bicycle Club from Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
  5. Few Problems by Siamese Elephants from About Astronauats
  6. In Dreams (feat. Katie Haley, Jim Biggs & My Young) by New Age Healers
  7. Burn & Soothe by Mopac from Burn & Soothe EP
  8. Freedom by Lizard Brain from Stray
  9. Cheryl by Gaspar Sanz
  10. Set It Right by The Rare Occasions
  11. Closer to Truth by The Death Notes from The Black EP
  12. Get God’s Attention by Being an Atheist by of Montreal from UR FUN
  13. The Joy of Missing Out by Animal House from Premium Mediocre
  14. Suck My Mind by Chemtrails from The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable
  15. Floyd by SPECSWIZARD

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Departure 303

by markus | Playlists

  1. In Absentia by Cathedral Bells from Velvet Spirit
  2. Clouds by Psychic Markers from Psychic Markers
  3. Frame by Blokeacola from Blokeacola
  4. The Only One by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever from Sideways to New Italy
  5. My Dead End Self by Dirty Nice
  6. Perfect by Sorry from 925
  7. Mama! There’s A Spider In My Room by The Black Tones from Stories, Bold & Untold
  8. Goodbye Friend by Mauv
  9. Modern Girls by The Kecks
  10. Rescue by The Vacant Lots from Interzone
  11. Hallucination Hostage by Heavy Rapids
  12. Automaton by Don’t Praise The Machine from Stories, Bold & Untold
  13. Daily Jobs by Bee Bee Sea
  14. Alphabrain by L.O.T.I.O.N.
  15. LOCKDOWN by From The Specials – Neville Staple Band

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