Departure 226

by markus | Playlists

  1. We Don’t Sleep by Absence of Ocean
  2. Swoon by Malka from The Constant State
  3. When You’re Gone by Beaches from Second of Spring
  4. Tendons by Tús Nua from Horizons
  5. Se Va by Orquídea from Abril
  6. Above The Triangle by Au.Ra from Cultivations
  7. Refratário by Bela Infanta from Branco EP
  8. If You Don’t Mind by Dead Lucid from EP
  9. Plank by Meatbodies from Meatbodies
  10. Fear by Tombstones In Their Eyes from Fear EP
  11. Tallahassee by Earth from Pentastar: In the Style of Demons
  12. The Devil May Care by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Give It Back!


Departure 225

by markus | Playlists

  1. Modern Kosmology by Jane Weaver from Modern Kosmology
  2. Faithless by Flyte from The Loved Ones
  3. A Fever Dream by Everything Everything from A Fever Dream
  4. Never Let You Down by Barns Courtney from The Attractions of Youth
  5. Levitate by The Palms
  6. Castling by NRVS LVRS from Electric Dread
  7. Take Me Home by Blis. from No One Loves You
  8. It Goes In by Bat and Ball
  9. Bendover by A Giant Dog from Toy
  10. Garbage Bin by Tiny Little Houses
  11. Freeze Me by Death From Above 1979 from Outrage! Is Now
  12. You’re Like Me by Ted Leo from The Hanged Man
  13. Death by Ty Segall Band from Slaughterhouse
  14. Immigrant Boogie by Ghostpoet from Dark Days + Canapés

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