Departure 275

by markus | Playlists

  1. Again by Jaguar Sun
  2. Supermoon by Charly Bliss from Supermoon EP
  3. De-Evolve Again by Mounties from Heavy Meta
  4. Hardly to Blame by Sheer Mag from A Distant Call
  5. charlie by oso oso from basking in the glow
  6. Teach Me About Dying by Holy Holy
  7. Heroin Honey by Beechwood from Songs From the Land of Nod
  8. Surrounded by Fake Laugh from Surrounded/Honesty
  9. Three Eyes by Flour Flour
  10. My Backwards Walk by Manchester Orchestra from TINY CHANGES: A Celebration of Frightened Rabbit’s ‘The Midnight Organ Fight’
  11. Love Is Everywhere (Beware) by Wilco from Ode To Joy
  12. Throwing Stones at the Moon by Plastic Mermaids from Suddenly Everyone Explodes
  13. Dream Cleaver by Death Valley Girls
  14. Poison the Well by Modest Mouse
  15. Free at Last by PUP from Morbid Stuff
  16. Steep Angles On The Back Wheels by Carter Tanton

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Departure 274

by markus | Playlists

  1. break away by flaws from break away single
  2. Sunshine by Tommy Newport from Tommy Gun EP
  3. Downtown Fool Around by Smallpools from So Social EP
  4. Mendocino (Feat. Luke Steele) by Crane Like the Bird from Crane Like the Bird
  5. Leisure Time by Eyesore & The Jinx from Leisure Time single
  6. Heard Her by HOLY from Heard Her single
  7. Saturdays In Silesia by Rational Youth from Cold War Night Life (Deluxe)
  8. Maybe Someday by Tombstones In Their Eyes from Maybe Someday
  9. Modern God by Klammer from You Have Been Processed
  10. Årstaberg by Oxen from Årstaberg single
  11. I Wanna Keep Yr Dog by Illuminati Hotties from I Wanna Keep Yr Dog single
  12. Corked by Dentist from Night Swimming
  13. Keen for Kick Ons by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets from Keen for Kick Ons single
  14. Adversary by On Video from Clap Trap
  15. Decent Job by Internal from Decent Job single

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