Departure 205

by markus | Playlists

  1. Romance Distractions by Froth from Outside (Briefly)
  2. Sun Kids by Spaceface from Sun Kids
  3. Certainty by Temples from Volcano
  4. Sun & Moon by Ancient River from Before Dawn
  5. A Thousand Misty Riders by Kingdom of the Holy Sun from At the Gates of Dawn
  6. Eyes Awaken by The Jackals from People
  7. Wack Magick by The Stevenson Ranch Davidians from Amerikana
  8. Count To Ten by Motor Tapes from Count To Ten EP
  9. Charm Assault by RIDE from Weather Diaries
  10. Floating Head by Wand from Golem
  11. Some Sunsick Day by Morgan Delt from Phase Zero


Departure 204

by markus | Playlists

  1. Chase Your Bliss by Mammals from Chase Your Bliss EP
  2. Comb My Hair by Coast Modern
  3. Doors Dance by Erki PƤrnoja from Efterglow
  4. Invisible by Minus The Bear from VOIDS
  5. Brothers by Dissident from Family Affair EP
  6. Jet Black Hair by The Dig from Bloodshot Tokyo
  7. Bed Case by Tancred from Out Of The Garden
  8. a million other things by pronoun from there’s no one new around you
  9. JJ by Priests from Nothing Feels Natural
  10. Fear in Me by Harts from Smoke Fire Hope Desire
  11. Nurse Ratched by Cherry Glazerr from Apocalipstick
  12. Unsane by Bettie Serveert from Damaged Good
  13. Big Beautiful Day by PWR BTTM from Pageant
  14. Tempo by Husky Loops from Husky Loops EP
  15. What It Means by Drive-By Truckers from American Band

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