Departure 220

by markus | Playlists

  1. The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness by The National from Sleep Well Beast
  2. Strange or Be Forgotten by Temples from Volcano
  3. The Moth by Manchester Orchestra from A Black Mile to the Surface
  4. Regrets by Zipper Club
  5. Beam Me Up by Darlia
  6. Tinder & Tears by Hey Jetman
  7. When There’s a Will There’s a Wind by WILHELM (feat. Ana Fuertes)
  8. Creature Comfort by Arcade Fire from Everything Now
  9. Creation Frustration by Hearty Har
  10. To the Door by HMLTD
  11. Sorry You’re Alright (Evan from Grimsby) by Hollerado from 111 Songs
  12. Welcome to My Nightmare / Halloween by 68creep from Goodnight, Sweet Betty
  13. Time To Live by Ariel Pink from Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

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Departure 219

by markus | Playlists

  1. Sleeper by Duncan Fellows from Both Sides of the Ceiling
  2. Spell by Blue Of Noon
  3. Gloom by Cina Polada from Cina Polada
  4. Gold Volvo by Dan Rico from Flesh and Bone EP
  5. Wish by Battery Point from Star EP
  6. Reasons by Antoine Diligent from Futurisms
  7. A Gun Appears by Morgan Delt from Phase Zero
  8. In Undertow by Alvvays from Antisocialites
  9. Don’t Be So Sure – Seahawks Remix by Tulipomania from On The Outside / Don’t Be So Sure (Seahawks Remix)
  10. I Want To Fly by Tombstones In Their Eyes from Fear EP
  11. 16 Psyche by Chelsea Wolfe from Hiss Spun
  12. Siren by Charms from Human Error
  13. Bleed Over by Mhostly Ghostly from A Faceless Fiction

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