Departure 312

by markus | Playlists

  1. Angels of Love by Pure X from Pure X
  2. Dream World by The Growlers from Dream World/Random Everyone
  3. Fell Into the Ocean by Dan Deacon from Mystic Familiar
  4. Unknown Melody by HÆLOS
  5. Sift by Hater
  6. Ravenous Girl by Arre! Arre! from Heavy Breathing
  7. Blurred Visions by Chemtrails from The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable
  8. Too Many Husbands by Coriky from Coriky
  9. No Heaven by Clwb Fuzz
  10. Where Is The Prize? by Psychic Markers from Psychic Markers
  11. Not Forgotten by Omega Vague from Songs For Homesick People (A Shore Dive Compilation)
  12. Page Before by Venus Furs from Page Before


Departure 311

by markus | Playlists

  1. Still Phase by Candace from Ideal Corners
  2. plastic door// by KennyHoopla from how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//
  3. Something Topical by Strange Weekend
  4. The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes from The New Abnormal
  5. Parallel by DAIISTAR
  6. Tombes Oubliées by The Brian Jonestown Massacre from The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  7. One Kind Of Solomon by The New Pornographers from In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights
  8. Straight Up by Shrimp Eyes
  9. Candy by Water Trash from Pleasure Palace
  10. Dum Dum by Foreign Air from Good Morning Stranger
  11. One Thing by French Ketamine from Adventurers
  12. What’s Next by Career Boy
  13. Lovesick by Kidbug from Kidbug
  14. Screensaver by Swine Tax from Screensaver
  15. Featureless Zone by Lizard Brain from Featureless Zone

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