Wayward Council Final Show – Closing after 14 years

by djangri | Events,News

From Wayward Council:  ” hey everybody..  maybe you heard…maybe you didn’t.. but wayward council is finally pulling up stakes.. its been quite a ride.. if you  would have asked me back in may of 98 when we started that a. I would  still be in gainesville b. still involved with wayward and that it  would still be open 14 years later.. I would have said you were nuts..  but it has run its coarse.. anyway.. sending out this note to let you yall know we are having one last show/party this thursday.. if you want to pass by and just take one more look around that would be awesome.. or just drive by and laugh.. that works too..
Celebrate your community on Thursday July 5 at Wayward Council, 807 W. University Avenue.

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  1. Garretton 17 Jul 2012 at 7:12 pm

    the end of an error, for sure. oops, I mean era. 🙁