Benefit to Stop the Violence – Saturday, March 19th

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Blood Ties: Immersive Art Show and Performance Art Event: Benefit to Stop the Violence

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Phone: (352) 339-3905

As part of Red Soul Days, a semi-annual anti-violence pop-up art series, an art show and performance art showcase will be held at Superfun! gallery and performance space at 2033 NW 6th Street. An immersive, emotional space will be created between 2pm and midnight, with a reception at 6pm. The show is a fusion of visual displays and unique performance art in which creators use their bodies and voices to make art.

Themes of the show include recovery, identity, and compassion; the show creates dialogue about sexual assault, domestic violence, gender-based and racist discrimination, and bullying. Proceeds from the event benefit anti-violence organizations. Donations accepted at the door.

Artists and performers are encouraged to apply to participate in this event up until March 12 by contacting

All proceeds from this event go to Peaceful Paths, which supports victims of domestic violence and the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, which provides mediation and workshop services for at-risk youth, domestic violence victims, and more.

Red Soul Days is produced by CerridwenWorks, a new production agency for applied art and cultural education. The agency links educators with artists to produce socially engaging films, plays, art shows, performing arts productions, and workshops. CerridwenWorks’ events explore issues of health, wellness, and sustainability, and demonstrate how art supports these.

The Alachua County Commission will declare March 19-26 to be Red Soul Days at the public board meeting on March 22, 2016. CerridwenWorks agents will receive a proclamation from the affirming the importance of dialogue about sexual assault, domestic violence, and gendered & racist discrimination. CerridwenWorks applauds local leaders for making a brave statement about the challenging issues facing our community and nation, and for supporting these efforts to prevent violence.

Other events include “Happily Ever After,” a fairy-tale themed variety show at The Jam, 817 W University Avenue, on March 24 at 8pm, and “Red Souls Music” at the Hardback Café, 211 W University Avenue, on March 26 at 10pm.

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