New Music recently added to the WGOT-LP music library

by RadioRabbler | Events

Some more New Music recently added to the WGOT-LP music library:

Did you know that some of the more innovative new music today is coming from the extreme music genres? For example, check out “Kernal Panic” below from a German band named Alkaloid. It’s the odd opening track from 2018 album, “Liquid Anatomy”.

From Denmark, there’s an extreme music band simply named LLNN who released
their album “Deeds” last year. LLNN describe themselves musically in terms of a science fiction genre; claiming to be “post-apocalyptic”. LLNN also weaves “found sounds” such as the sound of boiling water into their other other worldly soundscapes.

Panda Bear is the name for a solo project from a former member of the innovative
experimental indie rock ensemble, “Animal Collective”. Panda Bear latest album is called “Buoys”, and we dig the track below:

Panda Bear – Token (Official Video)