New Music Added: Bob Mould, Blessed, and Okay Champ!

by RadioRabbler | News

Bob Mould and “Lost Faith” from “Sunshine Rock”. Bob Mould was the founding member of legendary indie classic indie rock band, “Husker Du” and then embarked on a solo career. Great concept video below for the new track below:

From Canada there’s a band called Blessed and “Disease” is the new track from their album, “Salt” to be released in April 2019. Blessed formed about 4 years ago and offer up an interesting mix of Post-Hardcore, Minimalism, New Wave, and Krautrock as you can hear below:

Okay Champ and “Ticket” from “Dead About Thinking”. Okay Champ are gloom-fuzz 5-piece from the UK and bring us the noise rock on the track below.