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New Music Added to WGOT: Delicate Steve, Fat White Family, and Sunflower Bean

by RadioRabbler | News

Delicate Steve and “Selfie Of A Man” from “Til I Burn Up”. Delicate Steve is the alias for a NJ-based one-man musical project and “Til I Burn Up” to be released next month on the influential indie record label, ANTI will be his second full length.  Great instrumental track, “Selfie of a Man”

Fat White Family and “Feet” from their new album, “Serf’s Up”. From the UK, Fat White Family formed in a squat and appear to be inspired by the likes of the Fall, the Birthday Party, and Butthole Surfers. “Serf’s Up” and that’s spelled S-E-R-F instead of S-U-R-F is their 3rd album and first for the influential indie record lable, “Domino”

From Sweden there’s an indie/pop post-punk band named Makthaverskan
and a great track “Demands” they recently posted online.  Check it out:

Sunflower Bean and “The Big One” from “King of the Dudes” EP released last month.
Sunflower Bean are female fronted trio from NYC and combine
power pop and punk!


New Music Added: Old Firm Casuals, Buckcherry, Fake Empire, Guru, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Tiny Moving Parts

by RadioRabbler | News

The Old Firm Casuals and “Motherland” from their new album, “Holger Danske”.
The Old Firms Casuals is a musical project from Lars Frederiksen one of the founding members of the classic indie rock band Rancid. Not someone to sit around and do nothing, the Old Firm Casuals are quite prolific and their new track below is a great one.

Buckcherry and “Bent” from their new album, “Warpaint”. Buckcherry’s
fusion of metal and punk is largely unappreciated by punk fans and that’s too bad as Buckcherry were always a cross between Guns N Roses and the Sex Pistols. In fact, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols produced the band’s debut album twenty years ago. So it’s good to hear that Buckcherry is still at it.  Looks like commercial FM radio is passing on Buckcherry’s latest track below, but that’s OK, we’ll play it.

From New Zealand Fake Empire and “Elders” from an online single they recently posted.
Not sure what exactly is going on in the land down under, but whatever it is it sure
sounds great.

From the UK, Guru and “Consumer Helpline” their debut online single they posted to Soundcloud a few months ago. Many are calling their debut an irresistible take on punk.

What an odd name for a band- the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!  “Keen For Kick Ons” is a new single they recently posted online. The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are from Australia are very much an experimental indie rock band along the likes of the Mars Volta.

From Minnesota Tiny Moving Parts have a new song; “For the Sake of Brevity”.  Tiny Moving Parts are a trio have been at it for sometime consistently putting out
emotionally charged screamo/math rock and that is quite evident on the track below.  You will like!